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Benefits Of Watermelon

Benefits Of Watermelon

Benefits Of Watermelon 

A tropical fruit that is highly acclaimed by Brazilians, watermelon is a beneficial property for health. Rich in vitamin A and low in calories (average XNUMX calories per 30 servings). Consumption is associated with cancer prevention. And diabetes in addition to helping the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Research shows that fruits are excellent isotonic and ideal for eating before and after physical activity.

Fruits are valued higher in summer due to their refreshing and moisturizing properties in the form of juices. Or, do not stop spending in winter. The fruit season in Brazil is from XNUMX month to XNUMX month, so even at this time it is better than enjoying the benefits of watermelon.

Recent studies have shown that another benefit of watermelon is that it is an aphrodisiac food, which will help sexual performance function as a `` natural viagra '' in the body. When choosing a whole watermelon, the advice is to choose the heaviest one. For those who are already open, those with intense red color are the most mature and sweet.

Watermelon before and after training.
When taken before watermelon exercise, especially when sitting for a long time, improve physical performance and reduce muscle pain. In a recent post on the Instagram account on social networks, nutritionist Andrea Santa Rosa García highlights other benefits of watermelons.

This effect is associated with L-citrulline substances present in watermelon and accelerates the removal of lactic acid from muscles. A nutritionist said, “It is important to use watermelon peel. This is where most L-citrulline is concentrated. Watermelon is rich in water, so it's essential for physical activity, ”says a nutritionist.

Fruit is also excellent for use after exercise. Roberta Silva, chief nutritionist at the Cyber ​​Diet Portal, said, “Watermelon is a high blood sugar food, ideal for recovering energy and fluids lost during training.

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