Tuesday, 3 March 2020

8 Best Exercises to train your Brain

8 Best Exercises to train your Brain

Simple activities, such as writing by hand, reading, or taking a walk, can help strengthen your brain. Training your brain can help prevent or slow down cognitive decline as you age.

Exercise is something you can do every day, and it has a positive effect on your body. It is also good for the cardiovascular system, major organs and blood circulation.

However, not many people know that mental health should be managed. Training your mind can help keep your brain healthy and in many ways beneficial to your body. In particular, memory is increased.

Just busy thinking doesn't mean you can train your brain. There are a variety of ways, so choose what you like. The following exercises can help you strengthen your brain and increase your cognitive abilities.

This article introduces eight exercises to train your brain. You can do enough in your daily life!

1. Write by hand
Using electronic devices with tablets, mobile phones, and keyboards can save time and is a more effective way.

But don't stay away from writing by hand. Writing by hand can activate the brain areas involved in learning.

2. Solve simple math problems every day
Solving math problems is one of the best intellectual disciplines. You can increase your intelligence and memory. When solving a math problem, it is good to take the speed. Try to solve as many problems as possible in one minute.

You can do it by hand or use a calculator. These days there are a variety of calculator applications on computers and mobile phones.

3. Increase your intelligence while playing Sudoku
The best game to train your intelligence is Sudoku. Sudoku is a game where you fill in the blanks with numbers. The rule is that you can't use the same number per line.

If you look at the newspaper, you will find 1-2 sudokus. Play a game in the newspaper, buy a Sudoku book, or play the game through the app.

4. Move your toes
Moving your toes also helps improve your intelligence. This is a great way to increase concentration and cognition.

Move all your toes first, then move your toes later. Move your toes for three minutes each morning. It's a good idea to start before you wake up completely. This will wake you up at once.

5. Read a lot
Reading is basic, but it is an activity that will increase your intellectual and thinking skills.
Reading a book will ease your mind and reduce the tension caused by stress.
There are several advantages to reading a book consistently. You can increase your memory, think faster, and increase your creativity.

6. Learn a new language
Regardless of age, learning a new language is effective in many ways. When learning a new language, the cerebral cortex is activated. The cerebral cortex is a site associated with listening or understanding.

Learning a new language develops a hippocampus that regulates long-term memory, spatial concepts, and emotional behavior. Memory and learning can also increase.

Using both languages   at once can increase your mental preservation skills. It serves to prevent diseases like Alzheimer's.

7. Take a walk
Taking a walk helps brain function. Especially for older people. Walking helps to increase memory and concentration and is also associated with speaking more fluently.

Walking exercises allow blood to flow into your brain. It also increases oxygen and nutrients that enter the brain. This helps to keep cells, nerves and nerve cells healthy.

8. Visualize and Remember
This training requires the help of a family member or friend. I need someone to show me 5-10 things.

Observe for 15 seconds per object. And a friend or family member should put the item somewhere in the house. Wait a few minutes, and then describe each object in detail. The space where the object is located should also be mentioned. It should be completed within 10-15 minutes for the best effect.

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